Hormonal Acne

Let's talk about hormonal acne!
If you're prone to breakouts on your chin, lower lip or jaw areas, it's highly likely that the cause is a hormonal imbalance that is occurring within your body. Hormonal breakouts are a bit tricky to reduce. You will have to have an exceptional skin care regimen in place but more importantly you will also have to make sure that you balance your hormone levels. The only way to do this is through diet!

Plan Of Action to re-balance hormones naturally:
Cut out refined sugar from your diet. A cheat once a week is good for a mental break but consuming sugar daily can results in hormonal imbalances. The spike in insulin levels will also cause inflammation in your body and this could result in red and inflamed acne.
Include lots of fresh veggies, fruit, healthy fats and water in your diet.
Supplement with omega 3 fatty acids. Evening primrose oil, salmon oil and avocados are great sources of omega 3 fatty acids that are crucial in balancing hormones.

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