About us

Shades of Mink started off in 2015 as an online sheet mask store. This was back when Korean skincare was unheard of here in South Africa, and sheet masks were a thing of horror movies instead of a weekly beauty essential.

My support team and I enthusiastically sourced and served the market with high-efficacy, skin transforming sheet masks.
As sheet mask selfies became ever so trending, so did our sheet masks. It was marvelous to receive positive feedback, to hear that product we discovered and made available were improving people's skin and propelling their confidence. 

We were moved and inspired by your feedback. It spurred us on to continue to launch products that would change the skincare game.

As we progressed, we continued to expand our knowledge on formulation, ingredients, design and stayed in touch with the latest trends in skincare. It became distinctly clear that we needed to evolve and progress by creating a brand that was uniquely our own - a brand that we would have complete creative freedom with!

Our vision:

Develop high efficacy products that are natural based, filled with goodness, free from fillers, parabens and silicones. Ultimately products that you will absolutely love!

We researched thoroughly, drew inspiration from varied concepts, unique personalities and serendipitous places. 

What most grabbed our attention most, was the under-stated, yet perfected, luminescence glow that models on the runway seem to have perfected over the years. 

Mission for our first product:

Create a single product, with a fusion of skincare and illumination that would help you achieve that type of transcending glow! 

Creating a product that was natural based had its challenges. We worked tirelessly and even reiterated the formulation post launch to ensure that we deliver nothing but the best!

We also wanted to outshine and outclass in every aspect. Our packaging is therefore different. 

The colours for Pot of Glow were inspired by a pastel sunset with hues of pink, light blue and grey. We included an illustration at the back to add character. (Each future product added to the brand’s range will have a different illustration). This will make your stack of skincare and inspiration and superbly aesthetic to display.

In addition, we wanted to create a social media space that promotes holistic skincare. Our goal is to help you achieve your best skin by bringing you outstanding products paired with insightful, expert nutrition/health/skincare tips. 
There's a unique confidence that comes from looking and feeling your best and we want to help you get there!

We promise to enhance your shopping experience by providing quick, easy to purchase online shopping options, with prompt delivery right to your door. 

Friendly, helpful and timeous service is a foundational element of our business.

We look forward to being of service to you. Should you have any questions, reach out by dropping us a DM on Instagram or head to our contact us page.

We’d love to hear from you.

Founder and Managing Partner