Pot of Glow - Luminizing Pudding

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Pot Of Glow is a revolutionary multi-use, artisanal, glow enhancing product. It is natural based, free from parabens, mineral oil and phthalates and is cruelty free. Our commitment to high efficacy, luxury skin care means that our batches are small and our products are always sent to you super fresh! 


Use Pot of Glow as your daily moisturiser to give your skin instant luminosity

Apply before makeup application to create a soft, hydrated base for foundation to glide over. 

Mix into foundation to transform any liquid foundation formula into more buttery, glowy formula.

Use as targeted highlight for a soft, natural dew.

Key Ingredients:

Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides: Helps to replenish skin surface and helps skin resist moisture loss. It is considered an excellent skin emollient.

Glow Blend: Our universal Glow blend (suitable for all skin tones) contains a combination of silicate minerals that are finely milled. 

Jojoba Esters: Emollient. We use this skin friendly ingredient as opposed to silicone. Silicone is hydrophobic and does not wash off easily. While there is no concrete evidence saying that silicone clogs your pores, we wanted to use an alternative that is far less likely to conjest skin.

D-Panthenol: Also called pro-vitamin B5. Stable form of Pantothenic Acid. Reduces skin inflammation. Stimulates the proliferation of dermal fribroblasts and can accelerate cell turnover which yields anti-aging benefits.

Size: 40g

Why we avoid:
Parabens: Parabens have the capacity to function as hormone-mimickers and have the ability to be endocrine disrupters. Research indicates that low doses of parabens are extremely safe however if you're using multiple products, containing parabens, the cumulative amount could have a negative impact. While there is currently conflicting theories on whether parabens are harmful or safe, we believe it best to err on the side of caution. Safe paraben alternatives do exist so why not utilize them.

Mineral Oil: This is another ingredient with conflicting evidence. The consensus is that mineral oils are completely safe to use on the skin and is low on the comedogenic scale. Mineral oil (think Vaseline) works by forming a barrier on the surface of your skin. This can be very good to prevent moisture loss but it can also trap dirt and debris underneath resulting in congestion. For this reason, we prefer to avoid it.